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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Yo Lee!

How you doing? Has everything calmed down a bit now that the degree shows have happened? Hows life in Brockley/new cross?

I'm doing ok, missing london a bit but its been good to get stuck into work, sleep(loads of sleep!) and keep my head down for a bit to process stuff... :(

So I went to 'kickboxing' today...haha...It was with the Mcleod Acadamy of Martial Arts...turns out its a 'Jun Fan' kickboxing so it was more about the power in a 'roundhouse' kick than technique. It was alot of fun and there was alot of grappling and choking aswell, weeving and bobbing and will be really good for my fitness and power (focus on moving the hips!) but erm, think you may have to correct my technique!! :)

I'm trying out another class on thursday thats run by a guy built like a house who runs the martial arts store in aylesbury...cant remember his name!

Im gonna be heading back into london the 2nd/3rd weekends in july...will you have headed back this way by then or still be training?

I hope things are good, and you're keeping your head above water?

Take care,
Love Becci.


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