yeah, that was cool

Monday, May 28, 2007

yeah, that was cool.

'What does it mean to be human?' has been rattling through my head this year. That and, 'What does it mean to be spiritual?' In some small sense this blog, this 365 project has been a exploration, a representation of those ideas.

Looking every day for something that is cool, something to be thankful for has revealed the spiritual, the earthy human-ness of the mundane through to the exciting. From a good meal, to a prophetic word, from time spent with friends to whooping ass at taekwondo, from finishing a degree to being reminded of God's faithfulness. All these things, if not sin, are spiritual activities and a year's snapshot of humanness.

Rarely has there only been one cool thing each day and even in the sad times there's always been something that I can see my blessedness in. Indeed I am truly blessed.

And this is the end...there are few who have managed it there: Kath and Ed are there; Cat, Becca, Nicola, Pippa, Steffy B and Kate are following close behind. That makes 9 of us in it together; half of whom I have never met. Yeah, that WAS cool.

This isn't really the end. The question is, what's the next exciting iniative in the investigation of what it means to be human, to be thankful and live as 'becci-'like' a life as God has intended?


  • At 7:28 PM, Blogger lilytodd said…

    Hi Becci,

    Super idea, I love it. It is really taking off amongst my own bloggin community in Belfast. I'm not sure if you know any of them or how they found you, but its certainly something I hope I can finish.

    Thanks x

  • At 9:52 PM, Blogger Rachel's Small Corner said…

    (*slightly confused that Lily got here before me*)

    Yeah, cool to "meet" you! Thanks for the inspiration x


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